My name is Dr. Robert Floyd and I'm an author of Eating the Rainbow for Optimal Health.

Introducing the HEALTHCARE SURVIVAL MANUAL, you didn’t know you needed.

Eating a variety of colorful fruits and

vegetables is not only visually appealing, but it

is also essential for maintaining good health.

The concept of "eating the rainbow" is based

on the idea of consuming a diverse range of

fruits and vegetables that are rich in various

vitamins, minerals, and other essential


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Break free from the death spiral of poor health and start living your best life, join me on this journey to optimal health! Together, we can beat these statistics and reclaim our vitality and happiness.

"Eat the Rainbow" is a delightful eBook that serves as a beacon of health and vitality in a world where nutrition often takes a back seat. Authored with clarity and passion, it champions the simple yet profound concept of consuming a vibrant array of fruits and vegetables for optimal well-being.

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